Custom backgrounds for Google DataStudio reports

Here’s a quick win for Google Data Studio – although the recent updates providing theme colour settings are a great addition, you can’t currently set a custom background image for your reports.

I find that custom backgrounds can be a nice way to add subtle context to the content – and often make the data more approachable, so I wanted to make some Google Data Studio reports with custom backgrounds!

The way to achieve this is to simply add an image that floats beneath all your charts. If you want to add a custom background image it’s worth doing this early on in your report building – adding charts on top of an image is much easier than the other way around. It’s also helpful to have the background image in place so you can work your charts around any image elements you want to visually avoid or emphasise.

Report background images top tips

  • Choose a muted image that will fade into the background and not dominate your content – think about images used i desktop wallpapers, you don’t want the image to steal the show the data!
  • Your image doesn’t have to cover the whole report, it could fill just a half, or just a corner and be just as effective.
  • Feathering the edges of an image can help it blend into the background and sit better next to data tables and charts.

That’s all, a nice simple way to add some flair to your reports!Google